"As an author or preacher... I want to bring people closer to Jesus Christ." — Randy Butler

Reclaiming Heaven’s Covenant

Reclaiming Heaven’s Covenant He won’t be texting you, or sending you an email, and you won’t find Him on Facebook or any other social network … [Read More...]


Randy’s newest book – Gospel Grit

Gospel Grit What was it like to literally follow Jesus? Pastor Randy Butler, in his often humorous, down-to-earth manner, helps us catch a fresh … [Read More...]

White as Snow

Matthew 28:3 states..."His appearance was like lightning and His Garment as white as snow."  On this day or any day our day will be filled with … [Read More...]

It’s your turn!

Matthew 26:38 states..."Keep watch with Me."  Wow!  Jesus really wants you and I to be a part of His campaign.  I love politics.  I love … [Read More...]

Once again…AMAZING GRACE!!!

Matthew 26:37 states..."Jesus began to be grieved and distressed."  This is significant because it shows us several things on several levels.  One, … [Read More...]

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